Tailored In-Vivo Service

Tailored In-Vivo Service

Working within the leading animal facilities in Israel, we offer top-quality, diverse, in-vivo studies. Hand-delivered by our team of experts.

Together, we will start by clarifying and accurately defining your study goals, restraints, and must-have.

Taking it all into account, we will then design the most cost-effective study layout that will promise actionable and trustworthy results.

Upon execution, we will take care of everything from the IACUC application, animal care, study documentation, and comprehensive results analysis.

Among our expertise:

  • Oncology and Immuno-Oncology models – PDX, Xenografts inoculation, Cancer Metastases
  • Neurosciences and CNS models – Neurodegenerative Diseases, behavioral studies
  • Drug/compound studies - Preliminary Cytotoxicity and Toxicological evaluations, Drug administration, and distribution Assays (ADME, PK/PD)
  • Primary cells derivation – Blood, Serum, plasma, and from various tissue
  • Cannabis pre-clinical studies
  • Animal live imaging (MRI CT US Maestro)

Almog in-vivo service 

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