• Active Motif 
    Products for Epigenetics, Chromatin Biology & Transcriptional Regulation

  • Alpco
    Immunoassays Beyond the Ordinary

  • Applied BioPhysics, Inc 
    Biophysical tools for cell research

  • AUDIT MicroControls, Inc
    Daily quality controls and calibration verification materials for clinical laboratories

  • Aviva Systems Biology 
    Antibodies to Key Target Families

  • Axis Shield 
    Density Gradient Media

  • Axxora Platform
    A leading provider of a large variety for life science research products

  • Barkey GmbH
    IVD Devices for thawing or warming of plasma (FFP), blood and stem cells

  • Bioauxilium 
    The THUNDER TR-FRET assay platform

  • Biomedica GmbH
    Bone Metabolism, Nephrology and Cardiology

  • BioVision
    Tools for Apoptosis and Metabolism

  • Boster Bio
    Boster Bio is a leading provider of high-quality IHC-ready antibodies and picogram-sensitivity ELISA kits

  • BPS Biosystems 
    Recombinant Enzymes for Drug Discovery

  • Capricorn Scientific
    Manufacturing of high quality animal sera for biotech, diagnostic and research applications

  • CE-Immundiagnostika GmbH 
    Blood grooping reagents

  • Cell Biologics
    premier manufacturer of primary cultured cells and cell culture products

  • Cellero
    The best place to purchase human or murine immune cells

  • CellGenix GmbH 
    GMP products, Cytokines, Serum-free Media and Culture Bags

    CELLCYTE X for live cell imaging, Automation for single cell dispensing

  • Cytek Biosciences
    Aurora and Northern Lights Advanced Spectral Flow Cytometry technology

  • DLDevelop
    Specialize in manufacturing ELISA kits

  • ECM Biosciences 
    Novel phospho-specific antibodies for life-science research

  • Enzo Life Sciences 
    A leading provider of reagents for life science research
    Check also Axxora Platform!

  • ESfEQA GmbH
    External quality tests to medical laboratories in the areas of biochemistry, hematology, immunology and microbiology.

  • Exbio Antibodies
    Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

  • FulMoon
    Innovative products for proteomic research Antibody / Protein Microarrays

  • GeneProof 
    Advanced solutions in the field of molecular in vitro diagnostics of serious infections and genetic diseases

  • genOway
    Genetically modified mice, rat and cell lines of the highest standards

  • HemaCare
    Pure and viable human primary cells, from peripheral blood, bone marrow and coed blood!

    The world's best in-vivo antibodies

  • ImmunoChemistry Technologies 
    Apoptosis and Protease detection

  • Immudex
    SoIolutions for improved T-cell immune monitoring within immuno-oncology, transplantation, autoimmunity and infectious disease.

  • inno-TRAIN
    HLA typing and Blood grouping

  • Innovative Research Inc 
    Quality and dependable human and animal biologicals, coagulation proteins, antibodies and ELISA kits

  • MetaSystems
    DNA FISH probe kits
    Innovative solutions for automated imaging 

  • Miltenyi Biotec
    Tissue Dissociation, Cell separation and analysis,
    Flow Cytometry, GMP recombinants

  • Mission Bio
    Single Cell multi-omics platform connects genotype and phenotype from each cell

  • NepaGene  
    Electro Cell Fusion Sonoporation

  • Newmarket Biomedical 
    in-vitro diagnostic reagents and test kits for syphilis

  • Nexcelom Bioscience
    Innovation and Expertise in the Science of Cell Counting and Imaging.

  • RayBiotech
    Cutting-edge array technologies for the discovery of disease-related protein biomarkers and key factors

  • ReadyCell
    develop, implement and commercialize cell-based ready-to-use kits

  • RSR
    Diagnostics for Autoimmunity

  • Salimetrics
    Specialised in saliva collection methods and salivary ELISA kits 

  • Santa Cruz
    World leader in research Antibodies and Silencing

  • ScienCell 
    Primary Cells and special cell culture Media

  • StemCultures
    StemBeads® FGF2, StemBeads®
     EGF, StemBeads®
     Activin-A - revolutionary supplement for cell cultures.

  • Synthego
    Precision CRISPR Editing of induced pluripotent stem cells, including knockouts, SNVs, and tags

  • TdB
    Dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) for colitis

  • The Binding Site Group Ltd
    Immunodiagnostic kits and reagents, Autoimmune
    Freelite, Hevylite

  • Tonbo Biosciences
    Flow Cytometry antibodies - Same Clones and Quality, and the best pricing in the industry! 

  • Virion Serion
    High-quality test systems for the diagnosis of infectious diseases

  • Wak-Chemie Medical
    Cryopreservatives for cells: CryoSure Product Line (registered in the EU as medical devices)

  • EIAab
    A comprehensive, high-quality protein related products which include ELISA, CLIA, Antibodies etc.